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608, 2020

Mobilize Spotlight Recognizes Hieu Truong

Innovation has been at the forefront of our mission with valuable camera features like Live Stickers, AR for 5G, Time Travel, Audio Tags and more. Our Senior Developer, Hieu Truong, has made a huge [...]

2606, 2020

Mobilize Spotlight Recognizes Zach Finch

Our Mobilize Spotlight recognizes team members that align with our company’s core values of hard-work, teamwork and innovation. As Augmented Reality continues to grow, we are grateful to have Zach Finch on our team designing [...]

2102, 2020

5G Camera Evolution White Paper

The Camera Revolution Starts With 5G The establishment of a widely available 5G network promises to be revolutionary. Once established, 5G networks will enable innovations to mobile photography that will delight the world's [...]

111, 2019

Mobilize Ready to Monetize with In-Camera Media Sales

A new role, Executive Director of Media, to lead company efforts to price, package, and sell sponsored in-camera content. IRVINE, Calif. – October 23, 2019 – Upon commercial activations with major wireless carriers and OEM’s, the [...]

710, 2019

Photos with Voice Tags Make Memories More Memorable

Mobilize introduces another innovative 5G feature to enhance the camera with rich content and a multi-media experience IRVINE, Calif. – Oct. 7, 2019 –Mobilize has introduced another new feature to delight camera users [...]

1207, 2019

Mobilize Solutions Proves Camera+ 5G’s Global Readiness

In February of 2019 Mobilize partnered with DigiTree Innovations to deliver custom geo-based filters and stickers that were relevant and timely to the Philippines. The activation resulted in impressive engagement rates from both Sponsored [...]