The Surge of Live Streaming & Its Growing Impact

By Maya Spiegel, Product Manager

Today, social media is a big deal for pretty much everyone. Whether you’re using it for fun or work, it’s become a crucial part of our daily lives. However, in the last few years, live streaming has emerged as a new entity and key player in the way we interact with one another, support brands, form opinions, find community, and much more. These days virtually all social media platforms support going live in one way or another. Yes, live streaming has technically been around for a while on platforms like Youtube and Twitch, but now more than ever we are seeing a shift in what was originally vlogging and gaming content to something more personal.

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly accelerated the popularity of live streaming – it quickly served as a tool for individuals to engage online during a time where real life social interaction was more or less nonexistent. Platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts exploded in popularity, allowing the world to continue education, business and social relationships safely from home. As video calls became the leading form of communication, numerous social media platforms switched their focus to harnessing the power of live streaming in other ways. What originally started as a quick solution to social distancing has become an all-encompassing virtual way of life. 

The surge in live streaming isn’t solely advantageous for content creators; it introduces a unique dynamic to social media. Viewers now have the opportunity to actively engage with their favorite creators, leveraging features like live chat, subscription models, polls, and Q&A sessions. According to Creator IQs 2024 Influencer Marketing Report, “Sponsored digital ads featuring creators proved the most impactful marketing strategy for marketers at both brands and agencies”. This heightened level of interactivity allows viewers to participate in real-time discussions, forging a sense of importance and community previously absent on social media, especially from major companies. In fact, Creator IQ also reports that “83% of industry leaders believe that creator content drives more ROI (return on investment) than traditional advertising. In essence, live streaming represents a paradigm shift in the way we consume and contribute to digital content today.

In a post-pandemic world, the everyday person now has the resources to become a creator,  sharing intimate life experiences and first hand accounts online – and brands are catching on. When a creator goes live, it is by nature much more genuine and engaging than a stagnant infographic or overly edited Instagram story as we have seen in the recent past. Live streaming allows brands and creators alike to make their content more personal and important. As we continue on this virtual journey, the potential for meaningful connections and shared experiences through live streaming remains limitless, offering a glimpse into the exciting future of digital communication and expression.

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