Immersive Relevant Augmented Reality Through Mobilize
By Jason Norris, Head of Media

At Mobilize, one of the main objectives is helping users enjoy an impactful, seamless experience with a brand regardless of what they may be doing, whether shopping or simply having coffee. It’s what most brands and businesses want most – positive word-of-mouth, where people can’t stop talking about the experiences they are having with their products or services.

Let’s say you’re sitting down at a Starbucks during Christmastime. You casually take out your phone to take the run-of-the-mill selfie when magically something else pops up – the perfect seasonal drink and a coupon for it.

But as ubiquitous as this experience may be for the user, there are three basic augmented reality features/areas that Mobilize focuses on to make it all possible: 1) geo-targeting capability, focused on relevance, 2) frictionless activation, and 3) a focus on being a conduit through which relevant content can flow.

Geo-Targeting Capability

One of the key features within the Mobilize experience is geo-targeting capability. The focus is on having relevant content – content that varies depending on where you are and what you’re doing. Google excels in this space. For example, if you were to point your Google lens using a Google lens at a can of Coke, you want it to identify that it is a can, not a bottle, that it’s Coke, not Pepsi, and so forth.

Likewise, Mobilize focuses on providing content to the user that they’ll want to interact with, depending on their location. The augmented reality content that streams in could be different at each location. So, the lens that would appear on someone’s phone at a Starbucks in the suburbs could be different than the one you get downtown. Because brands have different promotional calendars or different flavors based on region, there could be a lot of uniqueness based on that location.

Frictionless Activation

Imagine using the camera on your phone to take a picture of a sign in a foreign country and have that easily translated for you. The ease with which this happens varies from platform to platform. Mobilize constantly thinks about ease of use. The goal for Mobilize is to be able to activate the features and content with as little fuss for the user as possible.

What Mobilize has done is remove the number of steps for activation. Anytime you lessen the friction for the user to get to the desired experience, you improve that experience. The focus has been to stay current on the technology that can help users move beyond traditional QR codes and RFID sensors to ways that have not been thought of before to deliver content with as much ease as possible.

Focus On Acting as A Conduit for Content

While Mobilize can work with creators that to create unique content, stickers and lenses that people can utilize on their pictures and videos, the focus is on acting as a reliable conduit for the much greater stream of content coming forth from their partners.

In other words, Mobilize is more focused on curating content from creators and brands. The benefit of this focus on content creation is ensuring that at least 80% of the content will be organic and not sponsored. Another benefit is much of the content will be relevant based on what people are doing. In effect, the platform curates the content in a way that makes sense for where you are.

Mobilize has also been taking steps for individuals to navigate their environment in a more impactful way by being able to layer on pictures so they could visually experience items on themselves. Think of someone who maybe thinking about getting a tattoo, and there would be an app where you could download the image and place the camera anywhere on your body, showing you what the tattoos would look like before you can put it on.

In the same way, Mobilize allows for a more immersive experience, anywhere you may be, to try things on. For example, perhaps you are shopping online – now you can try a shirt, or a blouse, or a hat virtually, in every color possible without having to try it on yourself. These shopping experiences are bound to become a part of our daily lives with what Mobilize is building.

Mobilize makes it easy for users to share great memories as they interact with the world and create. Mobilize enables people to seamlessly share what they want, how they want, and where they want. With its focus on contextual relevance, frictionless activation, and content curation, and focus on wearables. Mobilize ensures the very best intuitive, seamless, and impactful augmented reality experience on your mobile device.