How Mobilize is Reimagining the Mobile Camera Experience

We at Mobilize set out to answer one central question: how do experiences change when you start interacting with things that weren’t available before? With the onset of new broadband speed capabilities under 5G, Mobilize is gaining traction with mobile carriers— because we’re opening the door for them to fulfill the vision of how this technology will change your lives.

Consumers upgrade their phones with the promise of a better camera with more features. From high resolution photos to cinematic video, the native camera just keeps getting better with each next-generation device. The camera doesn’t just take photos — it’s meant to capture memories.

Mobilize is bridging the gap by pulling in other experiences within the camera and becoming your personal lens into the virtual world — augmenting reality to capture your life with creative elegance. Right now, you must launch a separate app, or visit a different site. With Mobilize, it all comes together in one place. You won’t have to leave because you can do what you want within the same interface. Everything is centralized for an easier and richer user experience.

What if you’re at a theme park or a museum? You could stream in content and capture an image of you with a celebrity, character, or creature related to your location and the experience you’re having. There are so many potential features that haven’t been tapped into yet. At their 2021 home opener, the Carolina Panthers unleashed a giant, AR black panther across Bank of America Stadium. There are endless possibilities for these types of experiences. Integrating all these rich pieces of content catapults the crowd’s enjoyment by creating additional experiences layered on top of the exciting event you’re already attending.

It’s all network-enabled — allowing you to pull the data in, but the camera itself and Mobilize technology bring it to life. With 4 and 3G, there were roadblocks in being able to get big packets of data through. Now 5G technology gives you broadband speeds so you can transfer all kinds of data at once. It makes it possible for you to do anything you want with essentially a PC in the palm of your hands without needing WiFi.

What would make this technology even more fun and useful is being able to add all the special details that you want to recall anytime you revisit a picture. You could frame and date it, you could add a character while you’re at Disneyland, you can animate pictures, create GIFs, etc. You can create video experiences and then overlay stickers and images. The Mobilize interface can help you take that memory and enhance it, make it richer and more memorable.

The platform curates the content in a way that makes sense for where you are. You won’t have to weed through irrelevant content. It’s geo-sourced and contextual to what you’re doing, making it super simple to scroll through and add these relevant elements to your pictures and videos.

Then we make it just as easy to share these great memories you’ve created. Mobilize enables you to seamlessly share what you want, how you want, and where you want. It’s very intuitive and uses the sharing functions within the phone so that users can post to any social platform or send to a friend via text or e-mail. Everything we’re doing from a UI/UX standpoint is intuitive— if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t use it. We’ll know it quickly if the features aren’t being used or if we have a UI/UX issue that needs to be addressed.

We’re super excited to be breaking ground towards something that no one else is focusing on at the moment. The space is always changing, and it continues to change at rapid speed. Most of these technologies are disparate and live in different places. We’re integrating into the experience people are used to when capturing those moments and giving them a utility to do it their way. Most social sites are going to tailor their experiences towards revenue generation. That’s not to say we don’t have revenue in mind, but this is more about giving the user more flexibility in the ways they can capture, customize, enhance, and share their memories.