A new role, Executive Director of Media, to lead company efforts to price, package, and sell sponsored in-camera content.

IRVINE, Calif. – October 23, 2019 – Upon commercial activations with major wireless carriers and OEM’s, the opportunity is ripe for brands to engage consumers with new media inventory. Mobilize is forming a new media sales division exclusively to manage in-camera sponsored content. A new Executive Director of Media role has been posted on the company website to lead these efforts.

“It’s time to monetize. We are excited to leverage our platform to place brands in the camera and create a new revenue opportunity for our wireless partners.” – Aaron Horvath, CEO, Mobilize Solutions

The Mobilize Solutions platform dynamically generates and delivers real time in-camera content to users at any location. The company has validated that users value sponsored content when it is relevant and timely. Mobilize has successfully executed sponsored geo-based campaigns with top brands (e.g. Disney, NFL, Hyundai) that resulted in high user engagement.


About Mobilize Solutions:  Mobilize Solutions has developed a camera enhancement platform that delivers timely and relevant content (geofilters, AR, GIFs) within the mobile camera experience.  Sponsored content placement creates monetization for wireless providers and app publishers who embed the feature (SDK) into their existing camera solution.


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