Jan 31, 2017

Irvine, CA

Since its founding in 2015, the OC Cove Fund I, LLC has made investments in a number of Orange County start-ups with innovative business models. In 2016, the fund closed the year with a decision to invest in Mobilize Solutions of Irvine, California.

Mobilize Solutions has created a new way for brands to get exposure on social media with “User Generated Ads”.  The company’s patented mobile camera platform uses geo-location to enhance photos with filter designs at partner events & business locations. Some of America’s best brands are paid clients including Toyota USA, SalesForce and the Rose Parade.

“We are grateful the Cove Fund spent time with us to ensure we have the tools we need to better understand, monitor & optimize our business model” said Aaron Horvath – CEO of Mobilize Solutions

The Cove Fund has a strong group of members and volunteers with extensive business experience in a variety of fields.  The due diligence process is considered intense, but ultimately beneficial to the companies applying for funding.

Mobilize has received $550,000 of the $1 million-dollar round of funding. The Cove is committed to making another investment upon Mobilize securing the balance of the round.

About OC Cove Fund I, LLC: Orange County has a proud history of technological and commercial leadership that represents a substantial opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors alike. The creation of the OC Cove Fund I, LLC is intended to provide startup funding for promising new ventures that emerge from the Orange County ecosystem.  The OC Cove Fund is headquartered in the Cove at UCI, a major research university serving the Southern California community.  Our proximity to the university provides access to the most active innovation and technology cluster in the region, resulting in connection with the most promising local startups.

About Mobilize Solutions, LLC: Mobilize Solutions is based in Irvine, California. The company was formed in 2013 and produces innovative apps that help businesses and events engage customers in a new way. Customer Generated Marketing is an impactful and cost effective way to increase awareness and drive new traffic. To learn more visit www.mobilize.solutions


Marshrae Harris
Mobilize Solutions