Life of Dad will provide over 1 million followers with an easy way to create memorable photos.

January 24, 2017

Irvine, CA

As dads from all over the world enjoy the social networking features of the Life of Dad app, members are now able to enhance their experience through branded photos taken by the apps’ Dad Cam.

The Life of Dad app recently embedded Mobilize Solutions’ proprietary camera with an SDK. The new camera feature creates enhanced photos using overlays & filters designed to appeal to fathers & their children.

“We’re excited to offer this new feature to fathers around the world. For years, parents have been submitting many of their favorite photos to Life of Dad, and now we’ll be able to help our users edit, style, and enhance their photos right from within our own app!” – Tom Riles, Life of Dad Co-Founder

The Dad Cam will also further the company’s advertising operations as they continue to work with some of the world’s biggest brands like Cheerios, Lee Jeans and Starbucks to name a few.

Embedding the Mobilize Camera SDK to enhance photos is a feature that many mobile apps can benefit from by offering to their users. For more information visit

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Marshrae Harris
Mobilize Solutions