Oct 3, 2016

The Virtual Photo Booth provides dealerships with an easy-to- use mobile solution to capture and promote the special moment of buying a car.

Irvine, CA – Marketing technology leader, Mobilize Solutions, has introduced the Virtual Photo Booth to the automotive dealership industry. This unique platform allows dealerships to capture and send branded photos to happy customers to share via social media. All posts are then linked to the dealerships website, which generates high quality sales leads.

All Virtual Photo Booth activity is captured and summarized into a report at the end of each period, making it simple to keep track of results.

Leading automotive dealership, Norm Reeves Honda, recently activated twenty sales associates with the Virtual Photo Booth app. Their traditional method of posting customer photos has been upgraded to include branding & contact information for thousands of people to view all over social media.

“In today’s digital world, we need innovative solutions like this.”

Brad Mugg – Managing partner at Norm Reeves Honda

Sales reps at participating dealers enjoy the warm leads that come in from friends of their recent customers. Jason DeMond of Irvine BMW, has used the Virtual Photo Booth to increase his monthly sales and create a quality customer experience. In his first month, Jason provided over 30 customers with photos of their “shareable” moment that resulted in direct contacts from their friends.

“Taking a picture feels like a natural part of the process. My customers are proud of their purchase.”

Jason DeMond – Client Advisor at Irvine BMW

The success of this mobile referral platform has spread across the country to other dealerships that are eager to generate new business. Mobilize Solutions is pleased to announce its newest activation with Auto Farm, a Utah based dealership, is set to activate its fleet of dealerships this month.

For more information on the Virtual Photo Booth visit https://goldcamera.com/automotive/



Marshrae Harris
Mobilize Solutions